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Saturday February 10

80s Day Dream Fest 2
5 Live Tribute Bands +80s New Wave Dance Party

Billy Idol 
(Idol X)
Madonna (Like a Material Girl)
Blondie (Heart of Blonde)
Pat Benatar (We Belong)

Duran Duran (Arena)

+80s New Wave Dance Party

+Special Guest Host "Billy Idol" of Idol X

+80s Photo Booth
+80s Giveaways 

+80s Drink Specials 
+Tasty Food / Appetizers 
+Free Parking
+2 Full Bars / Huge Dance Floor / 21+

Doors Open at 12 Noon


                12 Noon = 80s New Wave Dance Party
                12:30pm = Duran Duran -Live- Tribute Show
                1:15pm = 80s New Wave Dance Party
                1:45pm = Pat Benatar -Live- Tribute Show
                2:30pm = 80s New Wave Dance Party
                3:00pm = Blondie -Live- Tribute Show

                3:30pm = Madonna -Live- Tribute Show
                4:00pm = 80s New Wave Dance Party
                4:30pm = Billy Idol - Live- Tribute Show
                5:15pm = 
80s New Wave Dance Party +Giveaways

                6:00pm = Last Song 



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The Best 80s Day Dance Party

+Live Tribute Show Experience
Invite all your friends to go back to the 80s

and have the Best Time of your Life

@Club 80s 
9022 Pulsar Ct., Corona

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